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Kickstarter Campaign Initiated at The Ten Acre Garden



Kickstarter Campaign Initiated at The Ten Acre Garden 

Bringing fresh food and community together

To Matt Kuver and Danny Barrett, farm to table is more than a trendy way to dine. At the Ten Acre Garden, it’s about Chef Matt’s determination to create meals sourced from what’s growing in the Garden as well as the best of local proteins, as fresh as it gets, right on the farm. The Ten Acre Garden, owned and operated by Danny Barrett, is a centuries-old farm located in the Pigeon River Valley of Haywood County. And while family farms across the country are disappearing, The Ten Acre Garden is adapting. A chronic lack of farm labor and other challenges force them to farm differently today.

 A major component in this shift is their Kickstarter campaign, “Farm2Feast”, going live September 30.  The evolution to thrive and meet growing demand is what this  Kickstarter campaign is all about. A food truck is needed to park on the farm and serve as a commissary kitchen for the ever-popular and growing Farm2Feast dinners and wood-fired pizza nights. Smartly, they have shifted their business focus to an agritourism model which includes thriving u-pick berry and flower operations. No corn maze here…instead a sunflower maze! The campaign includes plans to winterize the existing high tunnel and provide year-round dining amidst growing plants and spectacular views.

Danny Barrett is determined to maintain a family farm, spirit unchanged, the land unchanged, a testament to the Appalachian core values of self-reliance and resiliency. In the shadow of the real Cold Mountain, The Ten Acre Garden possesses an irresistible atmosphere and fosters a real sense of connection to the land. The vibe is friendly and laid back, a community happy to welcome new friends. 

Visitors enjoy the opportunity to wander around the farm and children really resonate to learning how things grow. Owner Danny Barrett points out, “This is a great way to involve children in traditional agriculture and introduce them to fresh food.” They encourage visitors to u-pick flowers, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and all forms of produce. Parents and kids alike have the experience of picking their own food, often for the first time.

The Ten Acre Garden is located at 158 Chambers Farm Lane, Canton, NC 28716. It’s a beautiful 40 minute drive from Asheville.  We grow a variety of fresh produce, strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, flowers. We love for people to come u-pick! Farmstand hours during the fall are Thursday through Saturday, 10-6. We are still firing up the brick pizza on Saturday afternoons as a thank you to our customers.

For more information, please contact Garth Kuver at 828-235-9667 or 828-356-4783.



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